The VISION AVTR Concept Car Specs and Features

By Product Expert | Posted in Design, Just For Fun, Mercedes-Benz News on Tuesday, January 7th, 2020 at 9:32 pm
Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR from exterior front

Mercedes-Benz Releases New Concept Car Based on Avatar Movie

Mercedes-Benz just released its new concept car based on the 2009 film Avatar. The concept car is called the VISION AVTR, which represents the Mercedes-Benz partnership with Avatar, as well as ADVANCED VEHICLE TRANSFORMATION. In the VISION AVTR, Mercedes-Benz seamlessly joins sustainability and nature through design. Let’s go through a few of the design features and specs on this concept vehicle.

Design Elements of VISION AVTR

The futuristically designed VISION AVTR is inspired by Avatar’s fantasy world Pandora. According to a press release from Mercedes-Benz, the concept car “shows a completely new interaction between human, machine and nature.” For example, the VISION AVTR combines elements from the interior, exterior and UX of the vehicle, much like the animals in James Cameron’s 2009 film.

The bonding of nature and humans is a theme we see throughout Avatar. Before the humans arrived on Pandora, the Na’vi created a strong bond with nature and maintained a healthy relationship with the animals and plants in their environment. The same relationship is achieved in the VISION AVTR, because advanced features create a biometric connection between the car and its driver. Instead of using a steering wheel, the driver places their hand on the control unit and selects different functions by moving the palm of their hand.

Eco-Friendly Materials on the VISION AVTR

The VISION AVTR is loaded with sustainable features. For starters, the vehicle is made with a compostable and recyclable battery. The VISION AVTR is also equipped with DINAMICA® leather which is the only microfiber that remains sustainable throughout its production cycle. The car also uses special Karuun® wood, which is sustainable and grows quickly.

The VISION AVTR has reptile-like capabilities and features. There are 33 bionic flaps on the back of the vehicle that resemble reptile scales. The car can also move sideways 30-degrees, which mimics crab movement.  

Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR Gallery

Overall, the Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR is a concept car that portrays the harmony between nature, animals, machine and humans in Avatar. The design elements like bionic flaps, biometric connection and sustainable materials play a major role in bringing the connectivity of Pandora to a Mercedes-Benz. Thanks for reading!