Drivers Enjoy Custom Performance with AMG® DYNAMIC SELECT

By Product Expert | Posted in Mercedes-AMG, Powertrain, Technology on Thursday, October 4th, 2018 at 6:50 pm
2019 Mercedes-AMG® GT 63 Four-Door Coupe on the track

While regular Mercedes-Benz models come with the DYNAMIC SELECT system, which allows luxury drivers a choice of different driving modes, elite AMG® models offer even more dynamic performance. Each drive program with this system adapts the steering characteristics, engine and transmission responsiveness, suspension settings, or even the exhaust valves to deliver a specific performance dynamic. They can be chosen via buttons on the steering wheel or central console and displayed on the infotainment screen. So what are the AMG® DYNAMIC SELECT drive modes? We’ve broken them down below. 

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What are the AMG® DYNAMIC SELECT Drive Modes?


Optimized for the daily commute, this mode has soft suspension settings (for smooth riding) and uses early upshifts to optimize fuel efficiency.


When you want a touch of fun, the Sport mode features double de-clutching gear shifts, dynamic suspension and steering setup, short shift times and early downshifts.


Rain and ice can be a slipping hazard, but this driving mode reduces power and offers flat torque curve to maximize driver control when there is less traction.


This mode includes agile throttling response, increased idle speed, dynamic suspension settings, and an increased acoustic emphasis on double de-clutching during downshifts.


When you are on the track you want maximum performance, and no holds barred handling. You can get all that with the RACE mode on select AMG® models.


If you want it your own way, the Individual model in the Mercedes-Benz DYNAMIC SELECT system offers customize-able settings for many handling features.

DYNAMIC SELECT system on the 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT 63 Four-Door Coupe

Is DYNAMIC SELECT different on different Mercedes-Benz vehicles?

While most Mercedes-Benz vehicles will include the driving models that have an asterisk (*) above, many non-AMG® models also add an ECO mode that offers top fuel economy. Some models capable of the RACE driving program will also be able to take advantage of a Drift mode.

What vehicles come with AMG® DYNAMIC SELECT?

Most Mercedes-Benz vehicles will come with basic DYNAMIC SELECT drive modes, while AMG® models like the all-new 2019 Mercedes-AMG® GT 63 Four-Door Coupe will come with the AMG® option (though some may need the AMG® DYNAMIC PLUS package to get RACE mode). To learn more about what Mercedes-Benz vehicles offer this feature in the Houston TX area, contact a member of the Star Motor Cars sales team today.

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  1. Norman Hayes says:

    Ordered a 2019 e class AMG Estate WAgon last June 2018 and awaiting news of production.

  2. Michael Hill says:

    I am just learning the REAL use of the Sport and Sport + modes. There really isn’t a log of information on EXACTLY what the difference is from Comfort mode. Best I can tell it has to do with “suspension” changes in the car which lowers it slightly and impacts the cornering. There is a difference in the sound when standing on it and going thru shifting. I would like to know more about what REALLY happens internally when these other two modes are selected …. and more importantly why you would use them in normal driving of the car.

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